Welcome to ENAIRE's Electronic Administration

ENAIRE guarantees all citizens access to its public services, ensuring the legality, efficiency and effectiveness required of all administrative procedures.


Information and services provided by ENAIRE to all citizens: public employment offers, environmental information, Aeronautical information publications, etc.

Airlines, airports, pilots and others

Information and services for airlines, airport managers, pilots and other organizations from the aeronautical sector: management of fees for air navigation and aeronautical information.

Companies and suppliers

Information and services for companies and Aena suppliers: environmental information and aeronautical limitations.

My procedures

Check the processing status of your procedures filed electronically at this Electronic Office.

Digital certificate or electronic identity card (DNI) is necessary.

Suggestions and complaints

Service through which you may suggest improvements or inform us of any dissatisfaction with our services. Your contribution is essential for our continued improvement.

Checking documents

This consultation lets you check the authenticity of the electronic documents generated by ENAIRE. Type in the electronic verification code shown in the document to see the original document owned by ENAIRE on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you to resolve any doubts you may have on how the Electronic Office works.